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Palm Beach Business Group, Inc

401 South County Road #2753, Palm Beach, FL 33480

(561) 820-1579, e-mail:



Membership in the Palm Beach Business Group, Inc. includes attendance at monthly breakfast meetings (with speakers) and special networking and educational events, normally without additional cost.

We encourage Members to network and promote business with and for each other. We foster business education, civic pride and political awareness through monthly speakers and events. We also encourage membership in other business groups, in some cases offering mututal membership fee discounts.  Payment can be made in check or credit card.  Stock or cryptocurrency is an option,

Individual Membership is $400/ year.  Click this link to pay. 

Corporate Membership is $700 per year for the first two company representatives,  and $75 for each additional company representative.  Click this link to pay.

Corporate Sponsorship is $1000/year. Sponsorship includes four corporate representatives, plus promotional literature available at meetings and events, and two company presentations per year.  Click this link to pay.

I/We hereby apply to be a member of the Palm Beach Business Group, Inc. as;

_____  Individual Member for $400 annual fee.

_____  Company Member for $700 annual fee, plus ______ representatives at $75 each.

_____  Corporate Sponsor for $1000 annual fee, includes four representatives and promotion twice per year.

_____  Non-Profit and Seasonal Individual Membership is 50% off of the above rates.


I/We are also Members of _________________________________________(50% rate Org)


Company Name: _______________________________________________________________


Individual Name:________________________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________________


City: ___________________________________________State: ______ Zip: ______________


Phone: _____________________ Fax: ____________________  Mobile: __________________


E-mail: ________________________________ Website: _______________________________


Type of business: _______________________________________________________________


Additional Representative names: __________________________________________________


Comments/- Volunteering:_________________________________________________________


Agreed this _____ day of ___________, 2018.




(Please make checks payable to Palm Beach Business Group, Inc.)

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