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PBBG September Breakfast - Tom Bannister

The Chesterfield Hotel
363 Cocoanut Row
33480 Palm Beach
United States
Phone: 5616595800
Friday, September 14, 2018 - 7:45am

On September 14, the PBBG welcomed Dr. Thomas Bannister, PhD, of Scripps Institute, to discuss next-generation opioid pain-killer (but not patient-killer) drugs.  For over 7,000 years humans have used opioids such as morphine, but poppy-derived compounds and especially their modern synthetic cousins such as fentanyl deliver not only robust pain relief but also a host of unwanted side effects. The most unwanted is death by respiratory failure, which sadly we see far too often in the opioid crisis. The Bohn-Bannister research team at Scripps Florida discovered how to uncouple opioid-induced pain relief from these unwanted side effects. They succeeded in dramatically improving respiratory safety in new pain relievers and are now studying whether properties such as addiction potential, constipation, and drug tolerance can also be eliminated. These safer opioids may be one of the tools badly needed to combat the opioid abuse epidemic.  For information about the speaker, please click here.

The Palm Beach Post reported the grant award Last month.  See their article here.


The meeting was video-recorded, and posted onto YouTube.  One can watch the video by clicking here.


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