PBBG March Breakfast Meeting - Christopher J. Farrell, Judicial Watch

The Chesterfield Hotel
363 Cocoanut Row
33480 Palm Beach , FL
United States
Phone: (561) 659-5800
Florida US
Friday, March 9, 2018 - 7:45am

We happily welcome again Mr. Christopher J. Farrell back to Palm Beach to speak to us again.  Mr. Farrell is a Director of Investigations & Research and a member of the Board of Directors of JudicialWatch Read Chris' bio here.  To see 2016's presentation by Mr. Farrell, please click here; this video has been watched over 22,000 times on YouTube!  His 2017 presentation was also recorded and can be seen by clicking here.

To remind everyone, JudicialWatch is a private contribution/donation-supported entity that keeps government honest when the government does not want to keep itself honest!  Learn the truth about Russian involvement, private e-mails, secret deals, etc. JudicialWatch is a non-profit organization that relies on outside donation to fund its investagations and prosecutions.  To donate to JudicialWatch, please click this link.

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