PBBG June Breakfast Meeting - Robert J. Barrett III, Cross Keys Capital

The Chesterfield Hotel
363 Cocoanut Row
33480 Palm Beach , FL
United States
Phone: 561-659-5800
Florida US
Friday, June 9, 2017 - 7:45am
We welcomed a renowned local financeer to our group for the June Breakfast meeting.  This is best evidenced publically by the publication of an article by Forbes Magazine four years ago, highlighting Florida Business Leaders; click here to read the one-page article.  Mr. Robert J. Barrett III has been involved in finance professionally for longer than the PBBG Webmaster has been on this planet!  Please click here to read his bio.  Click here to see a list of 33 transactions he has personally managed during his career representing many different clients, while working for several firms.   He takes great pride in his role at Prudential as Senior Financial Advisor to the U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the British Treasury, helping to privatize several companies during her tenure and greatly boosting the British economy in the process.  He personally has worked on finance for an unusually diverse array of clients including:
  • Politicians (notably Robert and Edward Kennedy)
  • Native US American tribes
  • State governments
  • Federal governments in the USA, most of Europe, Israel, and Hong Kong
  • Telecommunications, railroads, and other diverse companies

Mr. Barrett is a Co-Founder and Honorary Chairman of Cross Keys Capital, an investment bank with a main office in Fort Lauderdale, and a newly established local office in West Palm Beach (at Phillips Point).  With Cross Keys Capital, he has helped provide M&A financing for hundreds of deals totaling over $3 billion since 2002.  These companies are shown here; this list is more current than the list shown in the Cross Keys website.  The title of his presentation is to be determined, however, he plans to discuss how he turned around the UK economy with Margaret Thatcher through privatization of goverment-controlled companies, and then transition into the activity and procedures of Mid-market Mergers & Acquisition Banking in Palm Beach and Florida.  He intends to show how his expertise in investment banking with international governments led to his success in the local M & A market.

The title of his presentation was "What’s Going on in Mergers & Acquisitions in Palm Beach and Florida and My 10 Years with Margaret Thatcher Turning Around the U.K. Economy".  It can be seen on youTube by clicking this link.

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