An Invitation to Dinner with Suzanne Somers and Bill Faloon

The Colony Hotel
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 6:30pm













An Invitation to Dinner with
Suzanne Somers and Bill Faloon

 Evening of January 23, 2018, in Palm Beach, Florida
The Colony Hotel – Royal Room (Google Map link)

 To Announce the
Supercentenarian Challenge
A 50-Year Clinical Trial

Sponsored by The Young Blood Institute, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, and
the Palm Beach Business Group, Inc., a Florida non-profit business development company


Dear Supporter,

A new human rejuvenation research project is being spearheaded in Palm Beach County.

 The initial phase of this study plans to last for 5 weeks. It aims to induce systemic reversal of degenerative processes.

 There will be extensive baseline measures of aging biomarkers with follow-up tests to assess what degree of regeneration may be occurring.

 This project is sponsored by the Young Blood Institute, a non-profit organization that has developed this protocol in conjunction with leading immunologists, hematologists, and experts in aging and gerontology. There is no upper limit to the age of study subjects.

 The intent is to establish a long-term program using multiple interventions that will enable as many participants as possible to access cutting-edge interventions and, ideally, to complete the "50-year" study.

Meet Suzanne Somers, Bill Faloon, and
The Young Blood Institute

 Best-selling author, women's health advocate, and entrepreneur, Suzanne Somers, a longtime supporter, has generously volunteered her time to participate in this dinner meeting where the "50-Year Clinical Trial" will be officially launched.

 Also donating his time will be Bill Faloon, co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation and the Society for the Rescue of Our Elders, a public benefit organization that unites individuals who seek participation in these kinds of historic biomedical research endeavors.

 On Tuesday, January 23, 2018, at the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, there will be a private dinner meeting with Suzanne Somers, Bill Faloon and the founder of the Young Blood Institute (a non-profit group based in San Francisco).

 Bill Faloon and Mark Urdahl from the Young Blood Institute will announce this new clinical trial model whereby old blood plasma will be removed via blood cell separation technology while simultaneously infusing healthy young plasma factors.

 Leading anti-aging scientists will make use of the Young Blood Institute's extensive set of aging biomarkers in order to guide individualized consultations throughout this clinical trial.

Ultimate Purpose of "50-Year Clinical Trial"

 The lofty objective is to keep as many study subjects as possible alive and well during the entire 50-Year Clinical Trial.

 As meaningful reversals of degenerative pathologies succeed, we expect additional treatments to become available, which may add more healthy years of life.

 We know this is an ambitious undertaking. There now exists, however, a record number of interventions that target known mechanisms of pathological aging, with researchers constantly striving to develop improved approaches.

 This means the potential regenerative effects sought in the initial phase of the Young Blood Study may be further augmented.

Research Project Funding

 We are coordinating a number of age-reversal studies through various charitable groups.

 Many of these studies are fully funded and cost relatively little because they evaluate the effects of existing interventions (such as NAD+ infusions) on groups of elderly persons.

 The study that will be unveiled at the January 23rd dinner meeting, however, is expensive. The reason is the high cost of the 6 separate medical interventions needed to remove senile proteins while simultaneously transfusing healthy young plasma factors.

 The comprehensive aging biomarker tests alone are very expensive and we plan to repeat them at least 4 times. These types of biomarkers are not normally available to the public, and we estimate the "retail" cost of these tests alone is well over $60,000.

 We are seeking at least 30 people over age 50 for treatments that are planned to be administered every 5 days over a 5-week period.

 The all-inclusive cost for the initial 5-week clinical trial period that includes 4 sets of aging biomarker tests will be $50,000 per study subject. This sequence of tests is essential if we are to understand what aspects of degenerative aging are being reversed and how future treatment of study participants might best be guided.

 This is NOT a profit-making endeavor. It is a research project that requires meticulous execution and validation through extensive aging biomarker testing.

 A formal presentation will be made at the January 23rd dinner meeting, with the opportunity to interact with the founder of the Young Blood Institute.

Registration for this Age-Reversal Dinner Event

 Our cost for putting on this event, even with Suzanne Somers donating her valuable time, is over $500 per person.

 We are subsidizing this cost and asking each registrant to pay only $145 for dinner and this private get-together with Suzanne Somers, Bill Faloon, and the founder of the non-profit Young Blood Institute.

 This event opens at 6:30 pm at the Colony Hotel (Palm Beach, Florida; click here for a map) with dinner served at 7:00 pm.

 Our Rescue Elders team, along with the Young Blood Institute founder, plans to stay as late as possible to personally interact with each one of you.

 The significance of this meeting is such that we are extending invitations to those around the world who have expressed an interest in participating in human age-reversal initiatives.

 For those residing in South Florida, this represents a rare opportunity to gain inside access to a technology that may lead to a significant breakout in human longevity potential. (There will be other study sites outside of South Florida that will participate in this same research initiative.)

 Seating is limited to 85 people, and is filling fast...register and reserve your seat now!

 To register for this $145 per-person event, visit  If this page is not working, please try If this fails, or if you prefer to do a direct credit card transaction outside of PayPal, please call 1-888-223-0983This number is clickable, and is available 24 hours a day.

  When registering, please indicate fish or vegetarian for your dinner in the comment section during checkout.

 If you have any questions about payment for this event, please contact Tom Ross at 1-561-293-5868. If you have questions about the overall content of the evening, arranging overnight accommodations, transportation or other destination queries, call the organizer Lexye Aversa at 1-561-512-7333.


For longer life,

 William Faloon, Volunteer
Society for the Rescue of Our Elders




About the Society for the Rescue of Our Elders (

 The purpose of the Society for the Rescue of Our Elders is to exchange scientific information, foster strategic alliances, and support biomedical endeavors aimed at reversing degenerative aging.

 We seek to unite people in ways that will accelerate the availability of rejuvenation technologies to benefit all of humanity, including members of the group. As data emerges, the Society for the Rescue of Our Elders will seek to rapidly convey this to members of our private association.

 The Society for the Rescue of Our Elders consists of a few thousand individuals who have expressed their desire to donate, invest, and/or actively participate in advancing human age-reversal studies.

 Our public benefit group functions as a private association and consists of physicians, scientists, activists, investors, donors, and participants in previous age-reversal initiatives. These individuals share a common desire to rejuvenate aged people.

 We do not accept donations or investments.

 Partnerships may form within or outside the group in any manner the individual members choose. Information will be shared at the discretion of the individual members.

 The Society for the Rescue of Our Elders serves as an open-source communications channel to a wide variety of experimental technologies. Some individuals in this group are bound by confidentiality/nondisclosure contracts. We nonetheless welcome their input and any meaningful scientific data they are permitted to disseminate. A key to our success will be open-source information sharing whenever feasible.

 Those who choose to participate in clinical trials or self-experiment with therapies described by the Society for the Rescue of Our Elders should do so with the knowledge that any intervention can have unknown risks.

 Members of this private association acknowledge they are embarking on a voyage with historic implications relating to human longevity.

 As with any exploratory venture, the outcome cannot be predicted and any medical intervention carries inherent risks, especially for elderly individuals. Professional medical advice should be sought before undergoing any potential treatment you learn about from the Society for the Rescue of our Elders.

To register as a member of the Society for the Rescue of Our Elders and receive updates about age-reversal research initiatives, log on to and register with your information there.







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