October Breakfast Meeting- Dr. Ken Dawson-Scully, MSc, PhD


Please join us for breakfast on Friday morning on October 23 at E.R. Bradley's on the Waterfront,

104 N Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. (Park from Datura Street)

7:45 a.m. until 9:15 a.m.

Our featured speaker will be Ken Dawson-Scully, M.Sc., Ph.D.  He will be updating us on the medical benefits being realized via the intra-disciplinary biotech cooperation between Scripps, Max Planck and FAU on the Jupiter campus.   The Vision of a biotechnology hub producing world class research that can affect international medical needs is being realized here in our back yard. You need to come to learn about the progress, and to hear about Dr. Dawson-Scully's direct research on "Why Flies Like Viagra".

Dr. Dawson-Scully was born and educated in Canada where he received his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in 2003 and his M.Sc. from Queen’s University in 1998. His laboratory investigates ways to protect the brain from neurodegeneration as a result of acute and/or chronic cellular stress using the genetic model organism, the fruit fly D. melanogaster. His research on the FAU Jupiter Campus has identified a number of molecular targets that can protect from high temperature, low oxygen, and oxidative stress in the fruit fly nervous system, as a model for human diseases such as stroke and epilepsy. Dr. Dawson-Scully’s research program has translated his findings from fly, to zebrafish, fresh water turtle, and mouse successfully, which has led to the submissions of three novel US patents for the medical treatment of febrile seizure, migraine, and stroke in humans (two of which were recently granted). His research program is poised to move discovered pharmaceutical therapeutics from the bench-side to the bed-side through the commercialization of the technologies he has uncovered in his research, solidifying commercial interests. Most recently, he was granted $353,000 in funding from Eco Neurologics Inc., a recent FAU start-up that has licensed his intellectual property.

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