Nathan D. Wilson



Mr. Nathan D. Wilson, CEO of Gallant Knights LLC, will be one of two speakers for our July Breakfast on July 13, 2018.


Mr. Wilson is an accomplished and versatile executive with 28 years of experience and knowledge in U.S. Congress and national policy, military operations, international business, European affairs, national security, diplomacy, strategic planning, terrorism, business development, human intelligence (HUMINT), leadership, and conflict resolution.  Both in his military career and through his non-for-profit organization, Project Meridian Foundation, Inc. and Gallant Knights LLC, He has successfully navigated some of the most difficult cultural and political terrain. Militarily, he was giving the task of conducting site survey for “WINTEX CIMEX 87” a large scale JCS exercise. As a former OIC Security mobility and NCOIC, he had directed numerous strategies for a wide variety of interests.  Through Project Meridian Foundation and Gallant Knights, Mr. Wilson has created successful, proactive and responsive solutions to critical challenges for clients in the Balkans, Baltics, Central and Eastern Europe, Mexico and the Middle East. He single-handily assisted in gathering human Intel and to rescued victims of human trafficking internationally with Intentional and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.  He developed petroleum and gas projects for the Baltic States, Eastern Europe and the Balkans to counter Russian influence on them. These projects included master planning, security economic expansion, infrastructure restoration of ports and airports, and development of hydropower and petroleum/gas. The resulting increased regional independence will aid in countering Russia’s soft-power influence and human trafficking.  He earned degrees in Business and Photography from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1979, and took certification courses in Security Forces and Logistic Management from the Community College of the Air Force in 1983.  Recently, he was Chairman for the Osceola County Campaign committee for the Election of President Donald J. Trump in 2016.


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