Medical Marijuana in Florida



The question of legalizing medical marijuana in Florida brings up a multitude of considerations that the voting public must weigh prior to casting their ballot in November. The Federal government still considers marijuana an illegal drug, yet they withhold enforcement in states that have accepted cannabis (derivatives of marijuana plants) in medical and/or recreational use. Yet there are several patients that are supplied “pot”  by the Federal Government for their medical issues, and have been for years (  Smoking “pot” is only one part of the medical issues regarding the efficacy of a variety of forms of marijuana derivatives. Not only have marijuana plants been cross-bred to make their euphoric psychological and physiological effects variable on the recipient, but those derivatives are also the basis of some of the medicinal results experienced by patients.

 The questions of legality are based on considerations of abuse, addiction, crime, law, driving under the influence, etc. A substantial amount of data on why Florida should not allow medical marijuana. You can search the web, but a comprehensive treatise titled “The Dangers and Consequences of Marijuana Abuse” is available at  provided by the Palm Beach Coalition on Substance Abuse.

 The Cannabis plant has been used for thousands of years throughout the world as a source of medical applications for pain, muscle spasticity, depression, alleviation of the symptoms of chemotherapy, etc. It is commonly and legally used for medical applications in Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Israel (extensive cannabis research), Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. US Government funded research is seeking more applications for cannabinoids, and the FDA has already approved several synthetic cannabinoid based drugs such as dronabinol. To research the positive side of medical marijuana, there are many on-line examples, including “Patients Out of Time” (, founded 20 years ago to concentrate on the science of cannabis.   You can YouTube “Patients out of Time” for video excerpts from the biennial Conferences that bring the world's leading researchers and practitioners together for the ONLY AMA and ANA ACCREDITED continuing education credits for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. One of the advocacy organizations the will be represented at our April 11 breakfast is United For Care (

 Our panelists for the April 11 debate are: On the “YES” side are Al and Mary Lynn Mathre, cofounders of Patients Out of Time.  On the “No” side is Jeff Kadel Executive Director, Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition, a state and county funded non-profit fighting the addiction problems in PBC. Our Moderator is Ronald Davis, PhD, Chairman of the Dept. Neuroscience, Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, FL. Dr. Davis is a highly acclaimed researcher in Neuroscience and especially diseases of the brain and related treatments.  ( 

 Come and join the discussion on April 11 – Become an educated voter on this important subject.



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