Andrew Schneider


Andrew Schneider spoke at our September PBBG Breakfast Meeting.  Please click here to see more details on the meeting.  His presentation can be seen on YouTube by clicking here.


Andrew Schneider Founded The Family Office Networks in 2012 after realizing the benefits of a family office network from running his own family office, the Schneider Family Office. His family office greatly benefited from a small community of his peers (FOs) with whom he shared transactions, service providers and funds. This innovative idea lead to a network of 3000 family office half of whom are domestic and half of whom are international. Andrew Schneider is also a leading authority regarding hedge fund and related services. Most recently, he developed the group Global Hedge Fund Advisors. Mr. Schneider is the CEO and president of this group, which is an international firm that is quickly making its mark in the hedge fund industry. Prior to Global Hedge Fund Advisors, Andrew Schneider was a founding member of HedgeCo Networks, a hedge fund research and services firm. This firm provided consulting services to both new and existing hedge funds.


Further, within this position Mr. Schneider was charged with the responsibility of overseeing more than 7,000 hedge funds, which included a community of more than 40,000 members. Previous professional appointments include both Morgan Stanley as well as Prudential Securities. At Morgan Stanley, Andrew was a vice president who managed more than $100 million of high net worth individual assets as well as helped manage assets for institutions as well as high net worth clients.


Further, he participated in numerous private placements, PIPE transactions and public offerings with a total value of $250 million. While at Prudential, Andrew Schneider was the number one producer and broker and, in fact, managed over $50 million in his first year with them. Mr. Schneider has been quoted in several financial publications concerning the hedge fund community and has also appeared on financial networks such as CNBC. His expertise has proved to be critical in the accurate reporting of not just hedge fund issues, but other related financial topics as well. Some of these publications include the New York Post, Barrons, Markets Media and The Street.  Mr. Schneider attended The State University at Albany. He is also an active member of the American Heart Association, committed to the cause of research and development of alternative remedies for cardiac disorders.

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