Alfred Young


Dr. Young is an American consultant that has spent most of his life in Africa.  Dr. Young is President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Invest Africa, Inc., Totem Pitch Investments (Pty) Ltd. (Botswana) and Invest Africa Energy Services, (Pty), Ltd., in Namibia. Dr. Young is in charge of international business development for the Invest Africa Group. Dr. Young has been owner of a Gold and Diamond Export License (a highly privileged position) for Guinea, West Africa since 1996. He was educated in Central America, South America, and the United States. Dr. Young’s international career experience spans 30 years with expertise in the area of African diplomacy. He has developed the Company’s programs for African diplomacy and risk management with innovative and cost effective financial programs.  He has the experience of working and operating worldwide with a stronghold in Africa. He is an expert in the areas of international trade and finance, risk management and cost containment.  He has worked as a government consultant, petroleum consultant, and is a master licensed gold and diamond dealer with special expertise in African business. Dr. Young has acted as advisor to several African Presidents, arranged large-scale finance for government and private sector resource development projects in West Africa. The company’s investment programs are targeted to enhance the ability of African countries to better develop a balance of trade between its neighbors and the international community with its principal end game to improve the quality of life for the Africa people. Dr. Young is one of a few licensed African Diamontiers in Guinea, one of seven master diamond licenses securing his license in 1996. The license allows for the export of Gold and Diamonds (a highly privileged position) from Guinea and the ECOWAS member states of West Africa.  Invest Africa, Inc. maintains representative offices and subsidiaries in Botswana, Guinea, Namibia and Angola. Dr. Young’s licensed positions and prestigious contacts bring solid experience and invaluable resources to the Company and its profit potential.

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