2016 Age Reversal Breakfast at the Breakers


The most exciting speaker presentation the PBBG has ever offered was at the Breakers on January 12, 2016, from 7:45 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. We presented a four member panel of leading world scientists on actually REVERSING THE AGING PROCESS. It is well established that you age as the telomeres at the end of your chromosomes get shorter with each cell cycle.  The Nobel Prize was given in 1994 for the discovery of telomeres and their relationship to age.  Age related diseases increase as your immune system gets weaker with telomere shortening.  Recent science you will hear on January 12 offers the potential to stop and reverse aging.

Our keynote speaker was Dr. Bill Andrews, PhD (LinkedIn profile).  Bill is an ultra-marathoner and an entrepreneur, founding Sierra Sciences,  won the International Property Owners Second Prize for "National Inventor of the Year"  in 1997 for discovering telomerase and its activity to slow, stop and reverse telomere shortening. His interest in telomerase started from his seminal work at Geron Corporation.  Information about Dr. Andrews and telomere lengthening can be found on a number of YouTube video, including this shorter video, and this nearly two-hour video.  Bill was featured in the documentary "The Immortalists". The title of Dr. Andrew's talk is “Extending Telomeres to Reverse Human Aging and Declining Health”.

Our panel of speakers was filled out by three experts in other aspects of age reversal, providing excellent diversification within a field with great scientific and therapeutic potential:

  • Roy Smith, PhD is the Chairman of the Metabolism and Anti-Aging Department at Scripps, Florida. The title of Dr. Smith's presentation is "Developing Therapeutics to Maintain Physical and Cognitive Functions During Aging”. Read about Dr. Smith and his ground breaking department here.  His LinkedIn profile may be accessed by clicking here.
  • Dipnarine Maharaj, MD is a renowned local stem doctor and reseacher.  He is the Director of the South Florida Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant Institute.  The title of his presentation is: "Regenerative Medicine for Aging".  He was the subject of a Channel 10 television interview than can be seen here; his bio can be found here, or see his LinkedIn profile.
  • Richard Jove, PhD is the Director of the brand-new Cell Therapy Institute at Nova Southeastern University. See Dr. Jove's biographical information in his LinkedIn profile.

Our speaker panel was moderated by H. Thomas Temple, MD,  Senior Vice President for Translational Research and Economic Development and Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the new $81,000,000 Nova SEU Medical School Research Facility called the Center for Collaborative Research. His bio can be found at the bottom of this blog.

The PBBG would like to thank the following Sponsors:

They had booths illustrating their contribution to age reversal technologies. For example, Morphologie, Inc. demonstrated their disruptive ultrasound image to MRI clarity in mere minutes, which can detect minute changes below the surface of the skin in a manner leading to inexpensive detection of skin cancers and anti-aging skin treatments. BioMune, Inc. attained a 95% cure rate of three cancers in its animal studies using two common natural plant products; some plant compounds are known to have anti-aging properties. Contact Tom Ross for details about being our next sponsor!

Prepaid tickets for the Breakfast were $80 for non-PBBG Members and $60 for Members (add $10 to pay at the door on the day of the event).

You can link to our website Membership Form here and pay via Paypal with a credit card, or mail a check to P.O.Box 2753, Palm Beach, FL 33480.

Upon confirmation of your payment and RSVP, we will forward you a link to the REALAGE website of Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen, where you can take their test to determine your "Real Age" (i.e. your physical age vs your chronological age). We suggest you take the Real Age Test before coming to the breakfast, and then learn how you can reduce your age further.

Please e-mail your questions to tross@pbbusinessgroup.com, or call Tom Ross at 561-820-1579.


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