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MEDICAL MARIJUANA Breakfast debate - PB Daily News

Medical Marijuana in Florida


The question of legalizing medical marijuana in Florida brings up a multitude of considerations that the voting public must weigh prior to casting their ballot in November. The Federal government still considers marijuana an illegal drug, yet they withhold enforcement in states that have accepted cannabis (derivatives of marijuana plants) in medical and/or recreational use. Yet there are several patients that are supplied “pot”  by the Federal Government for their medical issues, and have been for years (  Smoking “pot” is only one part of the medical issues regarding the efficacy of a variety of forms of marijuana derivatives. Not only have marijuana plants been cross-bred to make their euphoric psychological and physiological effects variable on the recipient, but those derivatives are also the basis of some of the medicinal results experienced by patients.

Ven Currency: Beyond Bitcoin

Digital Currency: Myth or Monetary Mainstay

Henryk Dabrowski

CEO Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: ALYI)

Browne vs. Kass 2014 Outlook

U.S. Financial Outlook

U.S. Economy in 2014

On February 7, the Palm Beach Business Group was pleased to host two well known and influential speakers, John Browne and Doug Kass, as part of the 2014 Market Debate Breakfast held at “264 The  Grille” in Palm Beach.  Mr. Browne and Mr. Kass made their projections concerning the economic situation of the country, and how it affects the markets for the balance of 2014. Both speakers shared their uncertainties regarding the problematical economic outlook, which suggests that the stock market is expected to deteriorate during 2014. Additionally, both speakers provided crucial information concerning the behavior of the stock market for the coming year as well as the effect the new tax reforms and Obamacare will have on the U.S. markets.

PBBG Angel & Venture Capital Forum

Angel Venture Capital Forum

PBBG Members are Welcome to Attend

PBBG are welcome to attend the presentation hosted by Florida Bioscience. Multiple companies with breakthrough science and biotech solutions will present.

Ocean Via Realty is on the north west corner of Lake & Ocean Blvd. (A1A), just north of the Lake Worth Pier.

We will also discuss the latest opportunities for crowdfunding and the implications of the JOBS act.

View the calendar for more info.

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